This Make Ready Armz Tutorial will go over the steps to set featured products!

First you will want to login as an admin and navigate to the admin dashboard site page.

Once on this page you will go to the tab "Products" then "All Products"

Once on the products page you will want to go to the top right and select your account.

Once on your account tab you will want to enable "screen options toggle".

Then choose the screen options toggle.

Then enable "Featured" and hit apply.

This will add a new column with a star in it. To set a product as featured you just need to click on the star in that column. 

Then will want to navigate to the site page where you want the featured products shop module. 

Once on the page you will want to enable the visual builder as seen below.

Then you will want to go to the shop module where you'd like featured products to go. Hover over the module and choose the settings cog wheel. 

Then you will choose product view type in the settings.

Then you will choose "Featured Products" and hit save!