In this tutorial we will cover adding a link to a module.

First you will want to navigate to the page the module is located on and enable the visual builder on that page.

Once the visual builder is enabled you will hover over the module you'd like to add the link to and select the cog wheel icon. (module settings)

Then you will click on the "Link" tab to enable the drop down.

There is certain content you can dynamically link to by clicking on the button shown below. This will allow you to choose certain pages directly.  

Alternatively, In this section you will add the direct url link to the location you'd like it to navigate to. Then it save!

Once you've added the link and it the check mark, then you will go to the bottom of the page and hit the 3 dots with the purple background to expand the menu.

Lastly you will hit save again before exiting the visual builder. 

This concludes this tutorial. Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!