In this tutorial we will cover how to mark a product a firearm using our FFL finder and what using our FFL finder will look like.

First login to your admin dashboard and confirm you have our FFL finder installed by looking on the left hand side for the tab "FFL Buy"

Then on the left hand side find "Products" then "All Products".

Once on the product page you will bulk select which products you'd like to designate as firearms by checking the box to the left of the product name, then using the bulk edit dropdown choose "mark as firearm" and then "Apply". 

Once the products are designated as a firearm it will show "yes" in the firearm column

Once a product you have designated a firearm is chosen by a customer and reaches the checkout page the customer will be prompted with the following acknowledgment. They will need to confirm by clicking on "I Am The Legal Age" before they can proceed.  

Once they have confirmed the acknowledgment the billing will be the same, but the ship to will look as follows. 

they will need to add a zip code and max distance before pressing "Find Dealers". Once they have, an ATF approved list of FFLs in their radius will dropdown for them to choose from.

Once they have chosen the FFL they want to ship to the FFL's information will be presented as seen below.

Lastly, the FFL they have chosen's information will be added to your admin order page as seen below.

This concludes our tutorial. Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!