In this tutorial we will cover how to add tax settings in WooCommerce.

First you will go to your website admin dashboard and on the left hand side find "WooCommerce" then "Settings".

Once on the settings general page you will want to make sure to "enable taxes" by checking the box to the left of "Enable tax rates and calculations". Then hit "Save Changes".

Next you will click on the "Tax" menu item. 

Once on the tax page there are several settings you can configure to your personal preference. Then hit "Save Changes"

You will then click on the "Standard Rates" tab.

Once on the standard rates page you will click "Insert Row".

You will then add the following

  1. Country Code 
  2. State Code 
  3. For city leave an " * "
  4. For zip leave an " * " 
  5. Tax %
  6. Tax Name

Then 2 personal preference choices.

Then hit "Save Changes".

Repeat these steps for each state you'd like the site to collect tax in.

This concludes this tutorial. Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!