In this tutorial we will go over how to add a product category to a menu.

If still need to add categories to your site see this tutorial CLICK HERE

First you will go to your website admin dashboard. Then on the left hand side click "Appearance" then "Menus".

On the menu page you will want to make sure you're on the menu you want to edit under "select a menu to edit" dropdown.

If you want to change it then choose from the dropdown a menu to edit, then hit select.

You will then want to choose your account icon in the top right.

Once that has expanded you will want to toggle on the "show screen options toggle". Then hit the X to close.

Next you will click on the screen options icon to expand the menu.

Then you will want to make sure to check the box to the left of "Product Categories". Then hit the screen options icon again to close. 

You will now see a new menu item tab called "Product Categories". Click on that to expand.

You will have the option to choose between

  1. Most Used
  2. View All
  3. Search

In this example we choose "View All". Then choose the product categories you'd like to add. Then click "Add to Menu".

Once the product categories have been added to the menu you can click on them and drag them where you'd like on the menu. 

If you want a category to be a subcategory of another then you can drag it and indent it underneath the parent category. You will feel it lock it. Then hit "Save Menu".

To view the menu hit the house icon in the top right.

You will now see the product categories on the menu of the site.

This concludes this tutorial. Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!