In this tutorial we will go over how to categorize your drop shipping products on your Make Ready Armz site.

(First you will need to have your categories built on your MRA site. To learn how to build categories see this tutorial Here)

First you will login to your digital catalog. Your login information will have been emailed over to you once you submit your distributor information. (You can do that Here)

Then you will go to the menu and click on "Sites"

Once on the Site page you will click on "WooCommerce"

Once on the WooCommerce site page you will choose "Default Product Options"

Once on the Default Product Options page you will choose a "Default Product Category" from the drop down.

Note - To update this list run the test connection in the credentials section and it will pull any new categories. 

Choose a category from the dropdown so each subsequent product you choose to be built will be categorized on your MRA site under the set Default Product Category. Then hit "Update Default Product Category"

Now you will choose products to be built into those categories

(If you have not filled in your digital catalog settings, I suggest doing so before you proceed with selecting products)

Next you will go to the menu and select "Vendors"

You will choose the vendor you which to add products from.

Then go to that vendors "Product Catalog" on the left hand side.

Here you will use the selectable search criteria, as well as any other filters you wish. I personally use Brand.

You can type in the search criteria you enabled. 

Once those products populate hit "add to catalog" on one, or click on several and at the top of the page bulk add by hitting "add to catalog". You can do up to 1000 at a time. Repeat process to change Default Category Option and choose different types of products. 

These products will be put into a queue and built over time on your site to avoid interruption to your site. 

You can see this queue under the tab "Products". 

This concludes this tutorial


Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!