View your Transactions transactions can be found by logging into

To run a general transaction report for a specific date range, select Reports in your navigation > Transaction Detail, and choose the Item Type and Date before running the report.

When landing on the report, you will see the transaction details for that date range, including the status of the transaction. To find more details, select the Transaction ID.

A Transaction Detail popup will pull up with more information including the settlement details, authorization information, and payment information. This is a great place to go to if a transaction has failed and you need to find more information as to why it's been declined.

To look for a specific transaction, go to Transaction Search from your navigation options and choose either ALL Settled or Unsettled transactions when doing a general search. Settled transactions are when money has been deposited into your bank account (usually settles by the end of the day in a batch) and Unsettled transactions have not yet been deposited into your bank account (likely same day transactions).