In this tutorial we will go over adding preference settings in Spark Shipping.

First you will login to Spark, which will land you on the dashboad. 

Then you will want to click on "Automation" and then "Pricing"

Next you will be on a page with several preference settings. I will list them below.

  • Automatic Updates - Update all product prices on the site.
  • Tolerance - Automatically update product price only if the change in price is less than tolerance %
  • Default Product Markup - Baseline Markup for products. Can be done in percent or by dollar value
  • Pricing Tiers - Tier markup based on product cost. (example - 0-100 mark up 35%, 101-200 mark up 33%, etc). Overrides default markup setting.
  • Pricing by Brand -  Pricing tiers for a given vendor brand/manufacturer. Override default setting.
  • Manufacturer Selling Retail Price (MSRP) - Options to not price below or above MSRP
  • Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) - Options to not price below or above MAP


  • Price Rounding - Always rounds up value (Example - Suggested price: 6.89). Can be enabled for MAP or MSRP

Then you hit "Update & Recalculate". Lastly you will want to go to the bottom of the page where it says "Pending Price Updates"

Here it will tell you if any products are outside of your tolerence setting. You can update individually or update all. 

This concludes our tutorial. Thank you for choosing Make Ready Armz!