In this tutorial we will cover how to associate serial numbers to your firearms.

In this example we are adding a product that has just come in our physical possession for the first time. 

First we added the following information as a brand new product by going to the tab Products - Add New

1. Title

2. Description

3. Which categories the product is in

4. The sale price of the product

5. Cost

We then added the tag "FFL_Firearm" as seen below. This is what will mark the product a firearm.

We then associated a upc to this product. 

*You must associate the correct UPC to the product as a global attribute!

To see a tutorial on how to add an attribute click here

Then hit the Publish button

Once published with the FFL_Firearm tag it will will add a "Product Serial Numbers" box allowing you to add any products serial numbers for products in your inventory. Do not forget to hit Update to save the serial numbers you entered. 

Order Screen

Once you have gotten an order for the product created it will prompt a dropdown of the serial numbers entered to choose from on an order screen when the product has been ordered. Once you choose the serial number hit update to save the selection and remove the serial from the list. 

You will see the choice you made is saved and viewable for any future reference, but has been removed from the serial list of the product page. 

This concludes this tutorial.

If you have our FastBound A/D book integration please continue with this tutorial.